The Siege of the North was when the Northern Water Tribe village was besieged by General Mung, and Captain Zhao.

The BattleEdit

Ozai's Airship

Airships leaving towards the Water Tribe.

The Battle started when the newly head of Air Force, Airship Captain Zhao led his airship armada to the Northern Water Tribe village. It was in the North Pole, and the ice around it in the water can only be navigated through by Water Fleet ships. Fire Nation Battleships would take allot of damage.
Nortern WAter Navy

Water Fleet ships preparing to fire at the airships.

The airships left the Airship Construction Grounds in the evening and arrived at night. A sleepy sentry spotted them and the Water Fleet scrambled their ships. They opened fire ant 2 airships were shot down, and 1 got damaged out of 16. The Firebenders on the airships burned the 7 Water Fleet vessels in the water. Zhao's airship landed and unleashed Tundra Tanks and infantry such as Firebenders.

Meanwhile, the Ocean Army attacked the airships and infantry but the Tundra tanks took care of them. While the Water Tribe warriors held off the enemy troops, the villagers evacuated on four Water Fleet ships.


The Water Tribe village was filled with refugees from other nations, including the villagers of the Water Tribe. Deep in the corner of the village, a factory was put up to make machines. The Earth Kingdom, an ally of the Water Tribe, tried to help the Water Tribe Rebels in liberating the village, but it failed.

The final casualties:

Fire Nation: 5 airships and their crews

Water Tribe: Most of the Waterbenders and warriors, and all but four ships