The Fire Nation is the biggest and most powerful nation out of the five countries. It has many places and a strong military. The Nation was peaceful for a short while intel they have made a huge army and began expanding their borders.

Government Edit

Before WarEdit


Leader of the Fire Nation: Fire Lord

Second in Command:Fire Queen

Head of Military: Fire Nation Command

Ruling Group: Fire Nation Royal Family

After WarEdit

Leader of the Fire Nation: Phoenix Lord

Second in Command: Fire Lord

Head of Military: Global Command

Ruling Group: Royal Family


The Fire Nation's economy has gotten low over the past few decades, due to it trying to take over the world. And yet, they still have a strong economy.

Imports and ExportsEdit

Imports are items that are delivered into the Nation. Some items are: metals, wheat, and stone. The exports are items made in the Nation and are delivered to other countries. These include: limestone, food, weapons, and vehicles. The exports were cut short once the Nation tried to take over the Earth Kingdom.


The Fire Nation Military is one of the strongest in the world. It contains an army, a large navy, the only air force in the world, and domestic forces to enforce law and order within the Nation.


Main article: Fire Nation Army

The Fire Nation Army is second the largest in the world, second to only the Earth Kingdom Armed Forces. It was used to invade countries and garrison captured cities, prisons, and shipyards. Some are stationed at the Fire Nation Capital.


Main article: Fire Nation Navy

The Navy consists of thousands of battle ships, making it even bigger than the Earth Kingdom Armada. It was first used to
Fire Nation Navy Blockade
take over the Water Tribe, but the attack failed due to the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom forces. It was later used to conquer some other nations.

Air ForceEdit

Main article: Fire Nation Air Force

The Air Force consists of many flying machines. The biggest Airships were used to take the Earth Kingdom's capital, which was a success (The first time failed).
Fire Nation Airships

Domestic ForcesEdit

The Domestic Forces were police officers in cities and towns across the Fire Nation and were also stationed at different colonies. They were trained to use light weapons.


Fire Nation's citizens like foods such as: shark fin soup, grilled pigs, and other meat products.


Different parts of the Nation look different and have different terrian.

Northern IslandsEdit

The Northern Islands are the closest parts of the Fire Nation to the Water Tribe. The docks and shipyards store many Fire Nation Navy Ships, because the Fire Nation and Water Tribe are enemies.

Notable LocationsEdit

Southern ArchipelagoEdit

The Southern tropical Archipelago is the place where Fire Nation citizens go on vacation and to relax. It has no military importance and was away from the war.

Notable LocationsEdit

Western and Eastern islandsEdit

Not much is known about the Western and Eastern parts of the Fire Nation. It has probably never been fully explored and is a remote area.

Early ExplorationEdit

Several things prove that it exists; it was mentioned by someone in the Water Tribe that the Western area was highly remote and unprotected, and that the Eastern parts were infested with dangerous creatures.

Major cities and townsEdit

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