The Earth Kingdom is the second biggest nation in the world. It is populated by Earthbenders and some others.


The Earth Kingdom has the biggest economy in the world. The rest of the countries, except for the Fire Nation, are neutral with the Earth Kingdom and trade many things with them.

Imports and ExportsEdit

The imports include: food, metals, and vehicles. Exports are: jewels, iron, and food.


The Earth Kingdom's military is second only to the Fire Nation. It has protected the Kingdom for many years.


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The Army consists of thousands of troops that are used to defend the Kingdom. They also garrison colonies outside the Kingdom. It consists mostly of Earthbenders.
Earth Kingdom Soldiers


Not much is known about the Earth Kingdom's Armada except that it exists.

Royal GuardsEdit

Royal Guards protect the Earth King from assassins and other threats. They are highly trained and will risk their lives for the protection of their king.


The terrian of the Earth Kingdom is mostly plains and rocks.


The Mainland is the only part of the Earth Kingdom except for some colonies. The Mainland is made up of rocks and some other terrain.

Major cities and townsEdit